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Located in the historic Emmons Building and home to Radio Memphis. Pirate Radio Recording Studios is a music production/ recording facility, as well as, a broadcasting/ media company that can accommodate your next audio project. Come record in the same studios where some of Memphis’ most notable music from artists such as Donald “Duck” Dunn, R.L. Burnside, Charlie Rich, Robin Trower and countless other luminaries has been captured since the 1960’s.

We are a full digital, top quality recording studio with one of the best sound engineers in the city of Memphis….. Ryan Royals. With years of experience in the sound and recording industry… Ryan even presents the opportunity to professionally record and mix your live music performances during on-air interviews with Radio Memphis, as well as, providing multi-track recordings on location to capture the perfect live sound from your performance.

Call 901-352-0107 or send an email to to inquire about our incredible introductory rates that we are offering for a limited time and come visit the only recording facility in Memphis connected to a live broadcasting radio station.

Whether it’s your band’s next record or your company’s commercial that’s branding a new product/service… Pirate Radio Recording Studios and Radio Memphis are ready to help you catch your sound.