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Ric Chetter’s hit podcast – From Radioland – is sweeping the web and is the flagship podcast of Radio Memphis.

Ric Chetter is a radio veteran. He owns Radio Memphis and he talks about the broadcast business and other things with interesting people and sometimes all by himself.

Recent From Radioland Posts:

Episode 171: All Hail The Morons

May 21, 2017 - 6:06 pm

They are all around us, everyday. Every where we go, we see them. Sometimes we take pity on them. Most of the time we just do our best to ignore them. And sometimes, that is not even possible. In this episode, Ric talks about his inability to suffer the moronic who walk among us. We … (More)

Episode 170: Mistakes Were Made

May 14, 2017 - 4:48 pm

There is a massive change happening in the broadcast business right now. I Heart Media (formerly Clear Channel Communications) is about to go away. They even admitted the news to be true. In this episode Ric speaks from his experience with the Evil Empire and how for years, they had been orchestrating their own demise. … (More)

Episode 169: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

May 7, 2017 - 5:47 pm

Conventions are things some of you may attend from time to time. They are a large part of the collective population and their individual proclivities. In this episode, Ric tells of his encounter with some convention attendees in downtown Memphis. Sure, there are conventions for EVERYTHING. This one is no exception except it seems particulary … (More)

Episode 168: The Cult of Personality

April 30, 2017 - 5:52 pm

Part of being in show business is being that one person the audience wants. How is this done? Aren’t show business people exactly who they appear to be? Do you mean the people I see and hear aren’t like this outside of their jobs? In this episode, Ric will explain how this works and will … (More)